Kartmasters – Freddie Slater

The Kartmasters GP is known as one of the most prestigious races of the year. This was Freddie’s first attempt at this race that is often known as a very close as all competitors are competing for one position. Held at PFI in Grantham the GP plate was over 4 days. Testing gave mixed weather conditions so the team couldn’t learn what they needed before the main race started. With differences in tyre compounds it was difficult to measure the true pace against other competitors.

Qualifying Friday morning went to plan as Freddie managed to get the perfect position on the last lap to get the second fastest lap-time. This meant he would start the two heats on Friday from second position against the 35 other competitors on the grid. With tough battles in the heats Freddie managed 5th and 3rd which were good solid results. Saturday saw another qualifying and two heats. With difficult track position and set up changes Freddie it was impossible to achieve a good lap time in the short 6 minute session. This put Freddie back in 19th position so he had a lot of work to do from here. Heat one didn’t go to plan and Freddie collided with another driver and ended in the barrier at the first corner. Dragging his kart out Freddie managed to get back going and posted fast lap times on his own, showing grit and determination.

Heat two was one of the best races of the weekend. With amazing pace Freddie carved his way through the 18 karts in front and with 3 minutes to go got in the lead of the race. With contact on the last lap Freddie in spectacular fashion done a 360 degree spin and managing to control it Freddie rejoined in 10th. A eventful race all in all however still managing 10th position overall for the pre-final Sunday.

Sunday was the finals day and everyone knew it was anybody’s race to win. The pre-final demonstrated this as the lead swapped multiple times and working with karts around him Freddie got himself to the front pack. In the┬álast lap battle Freddie crossed the line 6th. Disappointed that he could have done better Freddie knew that he could still do well front 6th place in the Grand-final.

Not showing any nerves Freddie was confident for the final. He knew that if he was at the front of the starting grid he had a chance of being the youngest GP winner at still only 8 years old. With a difficult start Freddie lost the front pack and found himself further back with the slower drivers. In a different fashion to the pre-final the race got spread out and Freddie found he had no one to work with. With team mate Taylor Barnard taking the win Freddie battled for position behind and managed 6th place. An achievement for the youngster in his first attempt of the Kartmasters GP race.

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