Little Green Man at Larkhall – Freddie Slater

Little Green Man at Larkhall

As championship leader, Freddie headed to Larkhall hoping to maintain the lead over his rivals. The Larkhall circuit near Glasgow although far from home, offers a great track for close cadet racing.  Having not been here in nearly a year, it was key for Freddie to get dialled into the tight and twisty circuit straight away. As one of his favourites on the calendar it didn’t take long for him to get up to speed and concluded as one of the quickest after the Saturday practice.

In standard LGM style, there were 3 mixed heats on the Sunday leading into a 15-minute final. In a tough battle Freddie crossed the line 3rd in heat one, although showing the strongest pace during the race it was hard to pass in the narrow circuit. Heat two saw Freddie come from p17 on the grid up to challenge for the lead. However, the challenge got closed off by the leader, dropping Freddie back into the pack behind. None the less Freddie managed to cross the line 2nd. Heat 3 gave another mid pack start for Freddie, he carved through the field and caught the leader on the final corner of the race. If there had of been one more corner, it would have provided the opportunity for Freddie to take the win, but he had to settle for 2nd. With strong finishes Freddie would start the final in 4th.

The heavens opened in true northern fashion as the teams rushed around to prepare for a wet final race. Starting from 4th was a struggle on the outside, however Freddie managed to slot in without losing too much speed. As his new tyres started to grip, Freddie had to work past Macintyre to chase down the leaders. After the long 15 minutes Freddie managed to catch 2nd place however didn’t have quite enough to get past. Another podium finish for the youngster to continue an ever successful 2018 season.


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