PF winter series in Grantham – Freddie Slater

PF winter series in Grantham

Freddie continues his good form at the PF winter series in Grantham. This time a more dry weekend Freddie was at the sharp end of every session Saturday posting fast lap times in the slippery conditions on slick tyres. Qualifying went very well for Freddie and for a lot of the session he was top of the timing board. However getting pipped on the final lap by a team mate put Freddie 2nd in the qualifying group out of an incredible 60 drivers. For such a young talent to be qualifying so high up at a big race was certainly making an impact in the karting world.

With slight change in weather conditions Freddie’s engine on the Sunday race day wasn’t producing peak power like the day before. Coming 7th and 8th in the heats Freddie started the final 10th. With a progressive start Freddie went forward and got himself to 4th position with incredible pace. Unfortunately Freddie got overtaken on the last lap and ended 6th but a very strong race from the youngster of the group. Beating numerous counterparts with more age and experience. Freddie now has a two week break and will return to race at his home track at the end of the month.


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