PF Club Race – Freddie Slater

PF Club Race

Freddie started the year off at PFI in Grantham in the freezing wintery conditions. Flying back from holiday late Friday night, Freddie had the challenge of getting back into the swing of things in only a few short sessions on Saturday. With showers continuing all day, it provided changing conditions in testing; however this didn’t phase Freddie and he maintained himself in the top 5 fastest on the time sheet.

Qualifying held over 6 minutes late Saturday was split in two groups. As the track was drying, the second group of Iame Cadet would have the advantage. Being in the first group was definitely a disadvantage for Freddie, despite this, he managed pole in his group and 4th overall.

With a delayed start due to icy conditions on race day, the race format was changed to just a prefinal and final. As the temperature rose the track was drying quickly. Last minute changes to the kart meant Freddie and team mate William managed to break away at the front of the race. Smooth driving and minimal mistakes allowed Freddie to break away on his own wining the prefinal by a few seconds. A great mature drive on a changing track.

As the sun dropped the track although dry became very slippery for the final. With a great start Freddie managed to brake away at the front again however the drivers with the intermediate tyre on started to catch. Pushing harder, Freddie then got back in the lead of the race for the last lap. However with lack of grip on the inside line he lost positions at the first hairpin and got squeezed on the grass. Despite not finishing on the podium Freddie gave a great driving display that was applauded by many post race.


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