PF International Club Race 3/12/17 – Freddie Slater

PF International Club Race 3/12/17

Feeling positive from his win at Whilton last weekend, Freddie was keen to continue the good form and end the year with another victory. The Saturday test day went to plan with Freddie posting fast lap times in the cold slick conditions against a tough field of Iame cadet drivers. The short qualifying of 6 minutes didn’t quite go to plan for Freddie and he found himself in 9th place overall despite his incredible speed in the previous practice sessions.

Sunday started wet and it wasn’t drying fast. On a drying track Freddie managed 3rd after a hectic battle on the last lap with fellow competitors. Although there was a dry line before heat 3, the team chose to use intermediate tyres because of the wet parts of the circuit off the racing line. Working well with team mate William MacIntyre, they broke away into the distance. Clever defensive techniques from Freddie secured him the win; giving him a front row start for the final.

As the track became drier and faster for the other classes, it was time for slicks in the final. Despite dropping back at the start Freddie caught the leaders and took the lead straight away. Again with teammate MacIntyre they worked together managing to open up the gap from the other drivers, however when it came to the last lap it was time to defend. With wet surface on the inside defending was hard. Half way through the last lap it was a four horse race and Freddie found himself defending against them all in a close last lap battle. Punching the air over the line Freddie had held off the attack and won his second race in 2 weeks.

A great way to end 2017 as his Rookie year.


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