PFI Club Race – Freddie Slater

PFI Club Race

Visiting a frozen PFI for the second time this year, Freddie raced in a large field of 45 Iame cadets.
Saturday practice was once again very wet and Freddie despite feeling under the weather managed to dominate the whole day.
Being fastest in the practice sessions held him in good stead for the 6 minute qualifying laps in the late afternoon.

Practicing his qualifying technique, Freddie lit up the times with a purple last sector achieving the pole position in the very wet and slippery conditions.
With qualifying being part of the race structure in the British Championship this year it was good to see that Freddie was able to place himself in the top position over the short time window.

Freddie made the first heat look easy as he drove away to create nearly a 3 second gap between him and 2nd place. Later in the day the Second heat was more difficult as Freddie felt his kart was not 100% right in order for him to win.
Changes were made for the final and Freddie’s strong start from second place saw him take the initial lead.

Contact towards the end of the race saw Freddie’s kart get lifted into the air then onto the grass, with quick reactions Freddie recovered and returned to the track to try and regain the time lost.
Unfortunately Freddie could only recover to 6th place but showed fantastic determination to recover after the incident.


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