Valencia X30 Winter Cup – Freddie Slater

Valencia X30 Winter Cup

Freddie started his 2019 campaign with the rgmmc X30 Wintercup in Valencia, Spain. A full grid of mini X30’s would give Freddie a new challenge facing some of the fastest young drivers across the world. In preparation Freddie and his team travelled to the Lucas Guerrero circuit for two days practice the weekend before the race. A successful test meant Freddie was confident for the race the following week.
Flying back out Wednesday morning Freddie was eager to get his 2019 season started. Showing his speed in the practice sessions Thursday Freddie was the one to beat. Although others were able to compete on individual laps, no one was able to be as consistent as Freddie as he got dialled into what became one of this favourite circuits.
Qualifying was short similar to what he is used too in England; timing it perfect Freddie left enough of a gap to the drivers ahead to achieve the perfect tow and post the fasted lap of the weekend when it mattered. Freddie took the pole for all 3 heats to take place on Saturday. Freddie had a tough challenge in heat one where he got run onto the gravel early in the race. A 4th place finish was the best place he could recover too still posting the fastest lap by 3 tenths. Heat 2 and 3 were more simple as Freddie controlled the race from the front crossing the line in 1st on both occasions.
Achieving the best heat results against his rivals Freddie lined up on pole for the Prefinal. Pushing away with his team mate Leo they both worked together in order to break the rest of the field. Freddie defended well to cover himself on the last lap taking a convincing win. The grand final was over 10 laps and Freddie tried his best to drive away at the front. Initially Freddie created a gap at the front however the three behind worked together to tow up to Freddie. Although they looked threatening in the closing stages they were not strong enough for Freddie and as they battled behind Freddie crossed the finish line to become the ‘Wintercup Champion 2019’. Freddie was ecstatic with the result and was pleased to start his 2019 season with a Victory.

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