Whilton Mill – Freddie Slater

Whilton Mill

Continuing the winter race calendar Freddie had a very successful weekend at his home track Whilton Mill in Daventry. Dominating testing being fastest in the wet and dry conditions, it was clear to see Freddie was happy with his speed. Spread over 3 days Freddie had 2 heats on Saturday with another heat and final on Sunday.

Heat 1 Freddie started P2 and went on to win with strong defensive driving. Heat 2 Freddie came from 17th to 4th over the line working with his teammate to nearly catch the front two. Heat 3 Freddie started 27th and with an outstanding drive he sliced through the field. Getting into the lead with 3 minutes to go Freddie continued to pull away. Freddie crossed the line first and pulling away from everyone else was an amazing achievement in cadet racing. Scoring the best results after the heats Freddie would start pole for the 12 minute final.

Confident with his pace Freddie went into the final wanting the win. A strong first lap meant he opened a gap to the rest of the field. He then continued to pull away at the front. A back marker fell badly for Freddie which enabled 2nd place to catch up. Freddie and his team mate William Macintyre crossed the line nose to nose. Although the timing system displayed Freddie as winning his team mate inherited the win. A great race from both youngsters. Freddie is now on a family holiday for 10 days and will return for the November PFI meeting in 2 weeks.


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