Whilton Mill Club Race 22-23 October 2016 – Freddie Slater

Whilton Mill Club Race 22-23 October 2016

Saturday was tough testing and a few issues with equipment meant that Freddie had time to find for Sunday. Changing engine for the Sunday meant Freddie was back on pace. A crash in 2 heats and a 4th in another put Freddie far back on the grid for the final. Freddie started 17th on the grid and his target was to get into the top 10. Despite the strong competitive grid Freddie was able to carve his was through well. Achieving 9th place was a big recovery from a tough day. Post race the team analysed the tyres and later found that the tyre compound Freddie was using gave less grip than his other competitors. A saving grace but unfortunately a common issue in the sport.


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