X30 Euro – Mariembourg: Karting des Fagnes – Freddie Slater

X30 Euro – Mariembourg: Karting des Fagnes

After a successful start of the season winning the Winter Cup in Spain Freddie wanted to continue his impressive form into the opening round of the Iame X30 Euro Series. Racing with 30 other competitors from around the World Freddie knew that he had the capabilities to come out on top. Practising the weekend before meant Freddie had to quickly learn the Belgium circuit and get to grips with the very complex turns and low grip levels.

It was clear from Freddie’s body language he was confident with the track and this showed in all the pre-race practice and through to qualifying. In what was one of the most difficult qualifying in Freddie’s career; where in the short 6 minute time frame Freddie couldn’t achieve the perfect towing lap he wanted to optimise his lap time. Amazingly this didn’t effect the result and Freddie qualified pole by 1.5 tenths!!

His true pace was shown in the heat races when Freddie managed to achieve the impossible in this category and pull away from the rest of the field. In combination of speed and racing battles behind him Freddie Won all 3 heats by 2.8 seconds, 5 seconds and 4.9 seconds. His ability to push hard on the colder tyres and open up the gap at the start of the races meant he could show his domination in the short heat races.

Sunday was forecast rain in the region but luckily it never came. It was business as usual for Freddie in the 9 lap prefinal where he was able to open up a gap to the rest of the field. Although only 2.6 seconds this time it showed his competitors were upping their game. Could Freddie hold on for the final and complete 5 out of 5 wins. The final was over 11 laps and after having to defend his position at the start Freddie didn’t open up the gap as in the previous races. The race spread out behind and Freddie was under threat. As his new tyres started to work Freddie started edging away at only 1 tenth a lap but it was enough to break the tow. Opening up a gap of 1.6 seconds Freddie was the Winner! Fusion Motorsport Freddie’s team were ecstatic with the result making the double win along with Callum Bradshaw in Senior X30.


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